About Us

 Our Company was formed in 2002 to enable our initial target customers, Amazon.com booksellers, to leverage emerging cell phone data services and PDA technologies with our subscription-based app, ScoutPal.  ScoutPal provided subscribers with a powerful mobile price and data search tool to obtain information on amazon.com and other venues using their cell phones, PDA’s, and all other web-connected devices.  Our technology was improved in 2004 with our scanner-enhanced (SE) version, which was reported on favorably by Business Week magazine and Business 2.0 magazine, among other places.  With our ScoutPal subscriber base as a successful initial market, we developed cell phone/barcode scanner hardware systems to benefit mobile workers.  We also provided hardware support for independent software developers writing solutions for workers in the field doing such tasks as taking inventory, registering deliveries, and monitoring supply chain activity.

 David Anderson, President, has more than 45 years experience in the design, development, and management of innovative and award-winning applications software for desktop, internet, and wireless environments. He has developed architectures and user interfaces for numerous products; managed software development teams for leading software products; developed commercial websites and services, including ScoutPal, a highly successful subscription service used by amazon.com book sellers.  David has been the recipient of numerous industry awards, including PC Magazine's Technical Excellence Award for Borland's Quattro Pro.  Previous Positions held include: Developer (Office applications) and Program Manager (Windows 95) at Microsoft; Director of Program Management at Action Engine (mobile software services company); Director of Development, Director of Spreadsheets and Applications, Project Manager, and Project Engineer at Borland; Senior Software Engineer at Surpass Software; Senior Software Engineer at Interface Technologies; Design Engineer at Signature Software; Consultant at Software Resources. With an educational background in Industrial Technology as well as many years of experience in retail and the business world, David is able to conceive of and implement products and solutions that are creative and marketable.  He brings to the world of computer technology a rare ability to identify opportunity, the ability to devise the best way to use that opportunity, and the vision to implement plans in a manner that opens up further avenues for development based on outstanding value and unsurpassed customer relations.

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