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 Terms of Sale, Use and Licensing for our ScannerPal AutoISBN Windows Driver Software Program for Serially-connected ROV and Flic Scanners:

 Important: You must accept the terms of sale, use, licensing and limitations listed below before you can use this product.  If you accept these terms and show your acceptance below, you will be licensed to use the software driver.  This license authorizes the use of one copy of this program by one user on one computer (CPU).  Additional copies must be purchased for additional users and computers.  Copyright protection is claimed under US and foreign copyright laws and we reserve all rights, except as stated herein.  Additional information we may later provide to you to aid in your use of the software is also proprietary and subject to these protections.

No right is given to copy, or modify the program or to create derivative works for use with other products.  It is the licensee’s responsibility to determine if the ScannerPal software conflicts with other software used, and any resulting difficulties or damages are the responsibility of the licensee.  If the licensee makes derivative works or modifies ScannerPal products, ScannerPal, Inc. shall have no responsibility for any damage or harm caused by installation or use.

With respect to the software product referred to above, ScannerPal, Inc., shall not be responsible for economic damages of any kind as a result of a defect in product design or manufacture, but will at its option refund purchase price paid, repair or replace this software product for one year after the date of this agreement.

Please enter your authorization code in the box below to accept the terms of this Agreement and License.

Authorization Code: 

Instructions for using this software:

  1. Enter your Authorization code and click the button above to download the setup zip file to your desktop, or some other convenient and easily accessible location.
  2. Run the setup program inside the zip file.
  3. Your scanner must be connected to a serial port.  If you are using a USB-to-serial adaptor/cable, consult the documentation that came with the adaptor to find out which COM port it will use.
  4. Run the spflic program, then configure it to find and use your scanner.
  5. After configuration, the program may be minimized to the system tray.
  6. If you would like to have the program run automatically after a computer reboot, checkmark "Auto Start" and put a shortcut to it in your startup folder.
  7. More info on managing your startup programs in Windows can be found at: